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Tussigon Withdrawal Symptoms, Signs, and Detoxification

I wrote an article for on Tussigon, an antitussive (narcotic cough suppressant) and Schedule II opioid prescribed for cough relief in adults. The medication is a combination of hydrocodone, an opioid painkiller, and homatropine, a substance meant to discourage misuse. I discuss withdrawal symptoms, signs and detoxification.

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What are the Underlying Causes of Eating Disorders and Co-occuring Substance Abuse?

I wrote an article for Project Know on the underlying causes of eating disorders and co-occuring disorders, including some helpful treatment options...

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I wrote an article for ProjectKnow on how to identify alcohol abuse in teens... 

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Delirium Tremens & Alcohol Withdrawal

I wrote this article for on everything you need to know regarding Delerium Tremens and Alcohol Withdrawal...

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